Bag Shadow

Designation: No Ha 829-1
Dark Station: Gakisuteyama
Motif: Purse Bag
Height: 209 cm (46.0m: giant)
Weight: 196 kg (431.2kg: giant)
Debut Episode: Episode 1
Voice Actor: Hisao Egawa

Bag Shadow, designated NoHa 829-1, is the first of the Shadow Creeps to appear in the series, possessing the ability to hold things within his body as well as his Clutchpurse Rod that can launch fireballs. At the Gakisuteyama Dark Station, he kidnaps children with high Imagination in order to make them cry, with their tears lengthening his Kuliner's railway. He does not account for kidnapping Right, alerting the ToQgers to his position. Right transforms, destroys Bag Shadow with a crying statues variation of the Rainbow Rush before the Shadow Creep enlarges and is destroyed by ToQ-Oh.