Aigaron's Debo Monsters
Sorrowful Knight Aigaron's Debo Monsters gather sorrow by making their victims cry or suffer. The color of the Sorrow Energy is a purplish blue.
Dogold's Debo Monsters
Raging Knight Dogold's Debo Monsters gather rage by making their victims mad. The color of the Rage Energy is bright red.
Candelilla's Debo Monsters
Joyful Knight Candelilla's Debo Monsters gather joy by making their victims really happy. The color of the Joy Energy is a hot pink.
Endolf's Debo Monsters
Resentful Knight Endolf's Debo Monsters gather hatred and resentment from their victims. The color of the Resentment Energy is a dark purple with black splotches. Endolf hasn't been shown to have a totem of his own, and as such is it currently unknown just how he created these Monsters.
Chaos' Debo Monsters
When Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos uses the power of all 3 Totems, he can create one of his Special Elite Debo Monsters. Since they were created by using all 3 totems they can not be normally classified with any of the categories above.
Luckyuro's Debo Monsters
Funfilled Spy Luckyuro's Debo Monsters do not appear to gather energy, and instead have neutral faces because Luckyuro isn't a Knight.
The Zetsumates are the trio of Ancient Debo Monsters who are infamous for causing the Cretaceousâ?"Paleogene extinction event that wiped out the Dinosaurs. The word Zetsumates is a play on the Japanese word "extinction".
The Attack Team Four Seasons is the quartet of 2114 Debo Monsters.