OC Super Sentai Monsters
The Baros lol's monsters are created by General Two from crafting figurines and bringing them to life by sending into the Delusion World with the MMZ-00's built-in Mososo ( "Delusion Transport") system. The monsters are patterned after electronic devices and homages to Sentai villain groups whose actions in the Delusion World affect the real world, seeking to undermine the source of the Akibarangers' delusion power, which is their unyelding devotion to Anime and the Super Sentai franchise.

  Chief Clerk Blu-Ray
The first of Baros lol's monsters, Chief Clerk Blu-Ray is a Gorma Minion armed with an universal remote control that he can use to manipulate time or change the form of inanimate objects. His human form is a conning electronics salesman who tricks otaku into fulfilling their fantasies through a video player. Blu-Ray's main attack is the Downconvert Beam, which downgrades the quality of a target. He is destroyed by the Akibarangers' Inordinate Cannon.

  Chief Editor HVD
He looks like the previous one, claiming to be forty times more powerful than the previous monster. His main attack is the Marking Beam, which tags a target for tracking. HVD is destroyed by Akiba Red using the Dairangers' Inordinate Power. Voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi.