Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger Season Two
Number of Episodes: 13

Nobuo pays a visit to the Sentai Cafe, and reminisces with Hiroyo and Kozukozu about the battles the Akibaranger have faced. However, some things are not how we knew them. It was Mitsuki who got summoned to the Pentagon and not Nobuo. Delu-Knight was defeated on the ground by the Akibarangers, Jetmen, Dekarangers and Boukengers, instead of in a mecha by the Akibarangers alone. Malshina then uses a mecha (a giant version of Drill Cyclops) which is destroyed by a normal sized Machine Itashar with a can that lands on a self-destruct switch in the cockpit. Nobuo, Yumeria, Hiroyo and Kozukozu bid farewell to Mitsuki, who leaves to continue her training. Nobuo Akagi finds the MMZ-01 and Inordinate Cannon, weapons of the Akibarangers, in a store that sells Super Sentai as DX toys! Have the Akibarangers suddenly become a part of the official list of Super Sentai, unbeknownst to them? What has happened to the official heroes? He and the other Akibarangers encounter a new villain who is a major fan of Super Sentai and had modeled himself after classic villains, and who else is by his side but Malshina who wields an odd version of the MMZ-01 herself?