MMZ-01 Moe Moe Z-Cune
The Akibarangers assume their fighting forms by using a device known as the MMZ-01, a doll-like object which transforms into the Akibarangers' main firearm weapon, with the activation call of "Jumoso" ("Grand Delusion") that links their minds so they can fight within the same delusion. Its firing is called Normal Attack (Temporary). The Akibarangers' finishing attacks are the Moe Magnum, firing all three MMZ-01s at an opponent, and the Moe Magnum Mega Moe Fire, firing Akiba Yellow's MMZ-01 with Akiba Red and Akiba Blue's energy at an opponent. In addition, the MMZ-01s double as communication devices between the Akibarangers and Hiroyo.

  Itashar Robo
The Machine Itashar is the Akibarangers red Z-Cune Aoi-decorated itasha Toyota Prius that transforms into a car-sized robot called Itashar Robo when a Z-Cune Aoi CD is played on the car stereo at full blast. Itashar Robo dodges an opponent's attack by performing wotagei and is outfitted with itself with the Ita Launchers and the Ita Machine Guns . Once in the real world, Itashar Robo can convert parts of Akihabara into weapons using Delusion Power, such as a Signage Rifle, which can perform the Kanban Bang (Signboard Bang) attack, and dual Tsundere Swords.

  Inordinate Cannon
The Akibarangers are able to use the Super Sentai's Inordinate Power to change a Super Sentai warrior into a weapon based off an item in the arsenal of their respective teams. The Inordinate Powers of the Imaginary Legends, namely those of the Dekarangers, Boukengers, and the Jetman, can combine into the Inordinate Cannon.

  MMZ-02 Munyu Munyu Zubaan
An Aoi-tan figurine that can transform into a knife and serves as Akiba Red's means to assume his Super Akiba Red form with the activation call of "Chomoso" ("Super Delusion"). Super Akiba Red's finishing attack is Munyu Slash.

  Munyu Moe Zubakyuuun
The combination of the MMZ-01 and the MMZ-02 into a powerful cannon. Super Akiba Red's finishing attack is Munyu Moe Prominence.

  Dairen Bomber
The Dairangers' Inordinate Power allows Akiba Red to transform Ryu Ranger and Kiba Ranger into the Dairen Bomber , twin hand-themed rifles that resemble the DaiRinKen that can be combined into a rifle that mimics the Dairangers' Qi-Power Bomber attack.

  Zyuren Buckler
The Zyurangers' Inordinate Power allows Akiba Blue to transform Tyrano Ranger and Dragon Ranger into the Zyuren Buckler, based on the Zyurangers' Dyno Buckler, to fire an energy beam called the Dinosaur Power Attack.