Cutterroid, designated C-10, is created when the Kiru Metavirus infects a pizza cutter. It can attack anywhere, so long as it is within 30 minutes away. Its true role is to distract the Go-Busters while the Cutterzord steal either of the two Enetron tanks within the 3 kilometer circumference of the Metaroid's current location. Cutterroid is destroyed by Blue Buster and Yellow Buster.
Danganroid, designated D-13, is created when the Utsu Metavirus infects a toy pistol from a Meta-Cell infected boy. The Metaroid is designed to counter Red Buster's speed, hindering the human in his attempt to disrupt Enter's transport of the Deltanium 39 crate before the Go-Buster manages to destroy the Metaroid.
Soujikiroid, designated S-02, is created when the Suikomu Metavirus infects a vacuum cleaner. Soujikiroid is normally polite yet becomes a violent berserker when he loses his temper. His cyclone system has been turned into an Enetron Cleaner, enabling the Metaroid to suck Enetron from any machine or use his vacuum arm as a gun. Though Soujikiroid overpowers the primary Go-Busters, the Metaroid is destroyed by Beet Buster and Stag Buster.
Spannerroid, designated S-87, is created when the Barasu infects a wrench at an automotive repair shop. Spannerroid's objective is to disassemble Buddyroids so that the Buster Machines can not function. Targeting Nick, Spannerroid is destroyed by the teamwork of Red Buster and Beet Buster.
Jisyakuroid, designated G-49, is created by Escape when the Kuttsuku Metavirus infects a student's magnet. Using his Polar Needle hair, Jisyakuroid magnetizes anything he hits to either stick or repel from each other. However, using the prototype GB-Protection suits despite Escape's interference, Yellow Buster destroys the headband that is the source of Jisyakuroid's powers. Rendered bald, Jisyakuroid begs for his life before being destroyed from all sides by the Go-Busters.
Keshigomuroid, designated K-56, is created when the Kesu Metavirus is installed into an eraser. Though not becoming human sized with Enter thinking the transformation failed, wanting to receive his creator's affection, Keshigomuroid hitched a ride on an unsuspecting Hiromu to erase the digital contents within the Energy Management Center's headquarters and the Buddyroids. Despite being small, Keshigomuroid uses his powerful laser and head butt attacks to defend himself from Kuroki and Morishita before being busted to bits by Red Buster as he was about to attack Nakamura.
Danganroid 2