Full Name: Enter
Designation: Enter Unite, Dark Buster
Enter is servant of Messiah, an Avatar created from combining various aspects of the scientists that "His Majesty" absorbed. Able to disguise himself with the touch of a button, Enter conducts espionage tactics against the E.M.C. to obtain Enetron, using some of it to bring Metaroids to life through his laptop. He rarely does battle with the Go-Busters, but is shown to sport cable-like tentacles from under his sleeves and is more than capable of handling himself. Enter has also shown to be fluent in French, as he commonly greets the Go-Busters with and uses words from the language frequently. Beneath his frivolous and laid-back facade hides a very smart and manipulative person. After the debut of Go-Buster-Oh, Enter resolves to focus his goal on increasing the number of created Metaroids in order to transport more Megazords into the city to speed up his agenda.

Enter discovers a new method of placating Messiah's rapidly waning patience by replicating the Filmzord's ability to create projections of subspace on future Megazords, giving the evolved virus a taste of presence in the real world. When Escape was created as a result, relegated to Megazord transporting and Enetron theft, Enter succeeds in using the Living Body Program Research Institute's technology to evolve Messiah. Enter becomes serious as he fights the Go-Busters and then pilot the Megazord Type Epsilon to stop Go-Buster Ace from destroying Messiah's core. Unfortunately after the battle and still actived, Enter reveals that he was actually creating back-ups of Messiah's data to recreate him while playing leader. He intended to take Hiromu's data to fully grasp the human spirit and become a complete being. Enter later reveals he advanced himself with Messiah Card 04 and gained the ability to transform into Enter Unite, able to overpower the Go-Busters' Powered Custom froms and extract Messiah Cards from their host bodies.