Shovelroid, designated S-46, is created when the Kaziru Metavirus infects a excavator. Going on a rampage as its Metavirus is copied and loaded into a Type Beta Megazord, Shovelroid's hydraulic bucket arm causes massive collateral damage while holding off Blue Buster and Yellow Buster so that the Shovelzord can attack an Enetron plant without interference. It is destroyed by Blue Buster and Yellow Buster after being nearly blinded with a laser blast to his optics by Hiromu.
Needroid, designated C-48, is created when the Sasu Metavirus infects a syringe and other pieces of medical equipment. It is used to infect humans with a Vaglass virus to turn them into obedient slaves donning robotic masks. Needroid is destroyed by Red Buster and Yellow Buster.
Sprayroid, designated S-20, is created when the Tokasu Metavirus infects a fire extinguisher and locker it was in. Polite yet deranged, Sprayroid is armed with an arm-mounted aerosol can that sprays an acidic mist, so it can dissolve away the walls of the Go-Busters' base of operations to let Enter in. Though it is programmed to die along with the Go-Busters so Enter's plan follows completion, Sprayroid is destroyed by Blue Buster and Yellow Buster prior to the hangar's destruction.
Fanroid, designated X-10, is created when the Fukitobasu Metavirus infects an electric fan. It is designed to throw off Blue Buster's sense of body temperature, hoping to send him into his overheating and destructive Weakpoint. Its fan works in both directions, sending a powerful gust of wind or sucking in its target. Fanroid is destroyed by Blue Buster.
Tubaroid 2
However, Enter uses another tuba and the Hoeru Ver. 2 Metavirus to create Tubaroid 2 to carry out the second phase of the plan to use his sound waves to shatter whatever his predecessor's music hit. As Yellow Buster's gear is not effected, Tubaroid 2 abducts her to serve as a hostage so the Tubazord 2 can siphon Enetron without interference. However, once Enter's two-pronged attack is revealed, the Go-Busters' gear is modified to resist Tubaroid 2's attacks before he is destroyed.
Forkroid, designated F-09, is created when the Eguru Metavirus infects a fork Enter took from a five-star restaurant and infused with a tank's amount of Enetron. A berserker, Forkroid can use the large fork that makes up his right arm for powerful attacks. Covering the others, Beet Buster and Stag Busters manage to destroy Forkroid.
Filmroid, designated F-16, is created when the Miseru Metavirus infects a theater projector. Being fun-loving with a need for realism in his work, Filmroid can create projections of people. After the Filmzord's arrival, Filmroid takes Enter's advice to use his ability in devise the Sweet Dreams attack, creating holograms from people's greatest desires. Though Hiromu fell for it, he overcame Filmroid's illusion before destroying the Metaroid with extreme prejudice.
Dumbbellroid, designated A-01, is created when the Kitaeru Metavirus infects a dumbbell. A passionate trainer, Dumbbellroid uses his dumbbells to force people to exercise against their will or kill them if they can not keep up with his fitness program. He is eventually outmatched in strength by Blue Buster who singlehandedly destroys him.
Wataameroid, designated M-72, is created by Enter when the Karametoru Metavirus infects a cotton candy machine to regain some standing with Messiah. Using the cotton candy sticks in each of his hands, Wataameroid can absorb any Enetron from any machine, even from the Ichigan Busters' shots. However, Blue Buster uses his Sougan Blade to absorb the blast from Yellow Buster's Ichigan Buster to successfully land a death blow on Wataameroid.