Burnerroid, designated B-07, is created when the Moyasu Metavirus infects a gas cylinder. It is designed to create chaos by committing arson while its Metavirus is uploaded into a Type Alpha Megazord, being destroyed by the Go-Busters a few minutes before its arrival.
Tireroid, designated T-18, is created when the Hashiru Metavirus infects a bicycle tire. Able to move as fast speeds and have vehicles run amok by using a spoke-shaped beam on the tires, Tireroid attacks the Enetron transport convoy. However, when the dark aspect of Ryuji's Weakpoint takes effect, Tireroid is mercilessly destroyed.
Densharoid, designated D-48, is created when the Atsumeru Metavirus infects an Enetron cargo train. Densharoid's objective is to amass enough Enetron to enable Enter to create more Metaroids by siphoning the Enetron from the wiring systems in the city via the Metaroid's pantograph and Automatic Train Control. However, the Go-Busters destroy Densharoid before it is able to complete the objective.
Drilroid, designated D-10, is created when the Horu Metavirus infects a handheld impact drill. Drilroid's objective is to infiltrate the Megazord development facility to obtain the blueprints for the new Buster Machine. Drilroid is destroyed by Blue Buster.
Copyroid, designated F-94, is created when the Utsusu Metavirus infects a video projector for the purpose of obtaining the rare Crystal earrings, as one of the materials needed to construct a new Megazord, in the possession of popular Hong Kong actress Angie Sue. Copyroid scans a person to assume their form, making the Metaroid undetectable while in disguise. Though managing to get one of the earrings and giving it to Enter, Copyroid is destroyed by Blue Buster and Yellow Buster.
Tubaroid, designated O-10, is created when the Hoeru Metavirus infects one of two tubas for the purpose of marking the Go-Busters with his apparently weak sound wave as phase one of Enter's master plan. Managing to get only Red Buster and Blue Buster, Tubaroid is destroyed by the Go-Busters.
Parabolaroid, designated T-39, is created when the Sagasu Metavirus infects a parabolic antenna. Parabolaroidis created to track down Beet Buster and Stag Buster for Enter. In battle Parabolaroid can fire homing missiles on his targets. Parabolaroid is destroyed by Blue Buster and Yellow Buster.
Drilroid 2
Drilroid 2 is created when the Horu Ver.2 Metavirus infects an electrical drill. Though created by Enter so the resulting Drillzord 2 can drill 3,000 meters under the ground to harvest untapped Enetron, Drilroid 2's objective is to hinder the Go-Busters. Though acting like a county man, Drilroid 2 nearly kills Yoko before being destroyed by the teamwork of Yellow Buster and Stag Buster.
Keyroid, designated O-69, is created when the Tojiru Metavirus infects a motorcycle key. The multi-dimple key on his right arm can lock anything, door or object. Keyroid is created in order to trap humans in the Ariadne Building as part of Escape's scheme to cause human suffering. Once the plan is derailed, Keyroid is destroyed by Blue Buster, Beet Buster, and Stag Buster.
Rousokuroid, designated A-96, is created by Escape when the Kowagaraseru Metavirus infects a candle. The flame on his head has a hypnotic effect that drags people into sleep to experience their worst nightmares, dying in the nightmare meaning death in real life. After Beet Buster and Stag Buster snuff out his flame during the first encounter, Rousokuroid relights himself while arming himself with Shokudai Rod lance to defend his flame. While attempting to hijack a television station to induce nightmares across the airwaves, Rousokuroid is destroyed by Yellow Buster, Beet Buster, and Stag Buster.
Sprayroid 2