Name: RH-03
Height: 17.4 m
Width: 22.8 m
Weight: 800 tons
Length: 29.0 m
Speed: 350 km/h
Pilot: Yellow Buster
The RH-03 Rabbit is Yellow Buster's Buster Machine, which Usada Lettuce combines with to form the control mechanism - its ears becoming the vehicle's flight sticks. Its Buster Vehicle mode takes the form of a helicopter, while its rabbit Buster Animal mode can jump very high. The "RH" in its name stands for "Rabbit Helicopter".
Name: RH-03 Rabbit
Height: 21.1 m
Width: 17.3 m
Weight: 800 tons
Length: 28.7 m
Speed: 300 km/h
Pilot: Yellow Buster