Name: GT-02
Height: 18.7 m
Width: 16.0 m
Weight: 1600 tons
Length: 40.0 m
Speed: 280 km/h
Pilot: Blue Buster
The GT-02 Gorilla is Blue Buster's Buster Machine, which Gorisaki Banana combines with to form the steering mechanism - its head becoming the steering wheel. Its Buster Vehicle mode takes the form of a truck, while its gorilla Buster Animal mode has immense strength. Able to use banana missiles in Animal Mode, the GT-02 can transport Enetron from one place to another. The "GT" in its name stands for "Gorilla Truck".
Name: GT-02 Gorilla
Height: 25 m
Width: 32 m
Weight: 1800 tons
Length: 27.1 m
Speed: 250 km/h
Pilot: Blue Buster