Full Name: Buster Machine CB-01
Height: 12.8
Width: 19.2
Speed: 350 km/h
Weight: 1300
Length: 45.0
Pilot: Red Buster
The CB-01 Cheetah is Red Buster's Buster Machine, which Cheeda Nick combines with to form the steering mechanism. The CB-01 Cheetah's Buster Vehicle mode takes the form of a super car, while its cheetah Buster Animal mode is even faster. Before BC-04 Beetle arrived, CB-01 Cheetah was the only Buster Machine capable of assuming a Megazord mode on its own. The "CB" in its name stands for "Cheetah Bike".
Full Name: Buster Animal CB-01 Cheetah
Height: 23.3
Width: 17.4
Speed: 300 km/h
Weight: 1300
Length: 61.3
Pilot: Red Buster