BC-04 Beetle
The BC-04 Beetle is an experimental Buster Machine Masato designed 13 years prior that was being developed as a means to aid the Go-Busters. Though Enter stole the blueprints before it can be constructed to reverse engineer a Vaglass Megazord, Masato already built the BC-04 Beetle within pseudo-subspace and uses it as his Buster Machine. Its Buster Vehicle mode takes the form of a crane, while its Japanese rhinoceros beetle Buster Animal mode can siphon Enetron from its target. The "BC" in its name stands for "Beetle Crane".

Height: 18.7
Width: 19.0
Speed: 250 km/h
Weight: 1,600
Length: 57.7
Pilot: Beet Buster
Name: Buster Vehicle BC-04

Height: 24.2
Width: 26.6
Speed: 950 km/h
Weight: 1,600
Length: 63.4
Pilot: Beet Buster
Name: Buster Animal BC-04 Beetle
Full Name: