Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger
Number of Episodes: 13

Nobuo Akagi is a daydreamer and biggest Super Sentai fan. He is also 29 year old and a delivery boy, which is considered too old to be into a children's show. Hiroyo Hakase recruits him and two others (Otaku cosplayer Yumeria Moegi and high schooler martial arts student Mitsuki Aoyagi) in the city of “Electric-Town” Akihabara to fight a mysterious evil force as the Akibarangers. Their ultimate goal is to become an 'official' Sentai. They hang out in the Himitsukichi Cafe, which Hiroyo owns and has a lot of Super Sentai memorabilia. They are also aided by Kozukozu Mita, a maid at the cafe. Much to Nobuo's dismay, they enter a delusional world to become Akibaranger and to the real world, people see them hitting the air. When they defeat evil, it effects the real world, for example when they defeat a monster, illegal activities are taken down by the police. The delusional world is effected by the well being and sanity of Yumeria, Nobuo and Mitsuki. One time Nubuo and Mitsuki get drunk and they are successful at defeating the enemy. But when they take it too far, thing get out of hand, scenarios are replayed and there is no logical conclusion.

Their transformation unit/laser the MMZ-01 Moe Moe Z-Cune and their Itashar Robo is based on fictional TV series Nijiyome Academy Z-Cune Aoi. The main character Is Aoi and she is fighting crime to protect her friend Satomi. Nobuo and Yumeria are fans but Mitsuki denies it and later admits it and Hiroyo as well. The Akibaranger also get visited by Red Rangers (such as Deka Red, Bouken Red and Red Hawk) of the real Super Sentai show and given Inordinate Powers. Unlike official Super Sentai, the Chief Clerks do not go grow big and their robot Itashar Robo is not huge. Also their delusions lead for Yumeria's dead mother to appear and then transform into AkibaYellow to help them out. Malshina is head of the Evil Group Stema Otsu Corporation and her footsoliders Shatieeks, faceless businessmen. Malshina then enters a portal to come to the real world. Malshina swears to meet them again before giving her usual hand gesture to signal her Shatieeks, only to just hail a taxicab and head for Kameari.

Impersonating Hiroyo's voice, Malshina sets up a trap by encouraging the Akibarangers to increase their Delusion Power to catch up with Yoyogi. Back in the delusion, Yoyogi, who changes into a giant spider during the chase and they fight with the Itashar Robo who punches through the wall upon contact with the MMZ-01 units, causing it to enter the real world. Yoyogi exits the delusion, but Itashar Robo destroys him using a rifle formed out of a sign board. The Akibarangers then confront Malshina, who is holding Hiroyo hostage, but they suddenly see their normal selves before disappearing into the MMZ-01 units. Akagi, Hiroyo and Yumeria wake up from their delusion as Malshina releases Hiroyo. As Malshina doesn't show up for a while, the trio continue to live their normal lives as they read news reports and tweets on the Akiba Square incident. They receive a call from Toei producer Hideaki Tsukada.

Hiroyo investigates her father's whereabouts over the past year by visiting several companies he was involved with. She goes to Studio Bell Village, home of Z-Cune Aoi, where she discovers that Malshina was the original design for the anime's main antagonist. Takehiro was originally in charge of Z-Cune Aoi's pre-production and character designs, but was kicked out of the studio when his works started becoming violent and he had conflicts with the staff. For the safety of the real world, Hakase disbands the team. Nobuo charges out of his house in a cardboard cutout Akiba Red suit, but a group of kids laughed at him and called him a loser. Nobuo realizes that he can't be a hero and steal when the Mystery Man presents him with his Moe Moe Z-Cune. Nobuo asks how he got it, but the man says he can't have it if he asks, so Nobuo takes the device.

He enters the Delusional World and the girls soon join him, against Hakase's wishes. Hakase asks Kozkoz to use the Delusion Ejection System to remove them from the delusion world, but it doesn't work, forcing her to run out and find the three. She then realizes that the Delusion Ejection Device simply needed new batteries, annoying Hakase. Once the Akibarangers are out of the delusion world, a Sub-Chief manages to break through the barrier between the worlds, which Hakase realizes. Later, Hakase apologizes for not telling them the truth, but Nobuo says that if he had listened, the attack wouldn't have happened. As Hakase is about to exposit to the Akibarangers, Malshina shows up and reveals she imitated the Toei Producer Tsukada's voice. The mysterious man thanks them for putting the Moe Moe Z-Cune's to good use and reveals himself as a cyborg named Doctor Z, leader of the Blatantly Evil Guerilla Marketing Firm. Hakase then calls Z "father" and asks what he had become, but Dr. Z rejects her, and that he changed the day she became the voice actress for Z-Cune Aoi. The three realizes that Hakase's revelation was completely random, and Malshina reveals that Hakase is actually Shuri Toyozuki, and Dr. Z and Malshina retreat.

Back at the cafe, Hiroyo explains that her dad's backstory and that her mother got divorced from him when his otaku spirit got out. After returning to the field of science to pay for child support, Takehiro made a breakthrough by discovering the "Moeshinsuki Particle", a parallel universe of particles that react to electric impulses in the human brain and bring delusions into reality. Then, one day, he disappeared, along with all of his research. At around the same time, Hiroyo landed a voice role under the pseudonym "Shuri Toyozuki". Takehiro was, at first, happy for his daughter, but he had lost all hope and turned evil when the studio hired a younger artist to re-work his work on Z-Cune Aoi. Hiroyo received the three MMZ-01 units and her dad's concept sketches from him, who wrote to her to use them to do good in the world. At first, she was happy that her father made the units in appreciation of her success, only to realize that they are the catalysts for his twisted goal to bring his delusions into reality.

Because of this, Hiroyo wishes for the trio to be involved any further in her family matter. Reflecting on these revelations, the trio take a walk around Akihabara when they encounter a motorcyclist who saves a puppy in the street. Mitsuki and Yumeria are immediately attracted by the man. The trio are ambushed by Delu Knight, Doctor Z's new lieutenant. The trio transform, which suddenly unleashes a surge of pain within Hiroyo as a scorpion tattoo crawls from her chest to her throat and starts coughing out blood. Doctor Z orders Malshina to lay off all of the 40-plus Chief Clerks, as he has no use for them, much to her dismay. Delu Knight is ordered by Doctor Z to retreat. Back at the cafe, Akagi gets a phone call from Sayaka, who thanks him for saving her from a Sub-Chief and Hiroyo's younger half-brother. The motorcyclist then enters the cafe and introduces himself as Takuma Tsuzuki, an Interpol agent. He reveals to them that according to Takehiro's research notes acquired by the CIA and opens a briefcase with 16 of 20 candles lit, indicating the number of times the MMZ-01 can be used before the curse is complete. He tells them that he'll work with the Japanese police to track down the Corporation. Kozkoz picks up the phone, hearing that The Pentagon wants to recruit Akagi into the United States Department of Defense due to the leadership skills he displayed in the Sub-Chief incident. Akagi is very concerned about his teammates should he decide to move to the U.S., but the trio and Hiroyo come up with a great idea--Takuma becomes the new Akiba Red.

Everyone bid their farewells to Akagi, who heads off to The Pentagon. Meanwhile, Doctor Z restructures the Corporation into the Delusion Empire. Takuma, Mitsuki and Yumeria - now wearing colored jackets confront Delu Knight and Drill Cyclops, despite their initial concern of triggering Hiroyo's curse with their MMZ-01 units. Meanwhile, Malshina and a Shatieek are seen walking by a park when Akagi accidentally collides with them. After a brief argument, Malshina explains the change of atmosphere in her organization. Hearing this and thinking of his departure from the Akibarangers, Akagi realizes the events around him are parallel to episode 23 of Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan and deduces that he is inside a TV show. To prove his theory, he folds his Atsugi Base gate pass into a plane and throws it off the bridge, only for it to be picked up and thrown back to him by an agent collecting crime evidence. Suddenly, an American Secret Service agent and two soldiers appear and open fire at them, killing the Shatieek while Akagi and Malshina run for cover. Malshina tells Akagi to rejoin his comrades while she uses herself as a shield against the soldiers.

Back in the battle, Hiroyo upload data on Drill Cyclops' weak point to Akiba Red, who uses it to help his mates destroy it. The Akibarangers then face Delu Knight. There, they meet up with Akagi, who tells them that they are all inside a TV show called Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger. As further proof, he stops an advertisement banner scrolling on the bottom of the viewer's screen while Mitsuki and Yumeria read it aloud. He then points out that Hiroyo's curse and Takuma's appearance are indicators of a mid-season change. Takuma receives a text message from Interpol confirming Akagi's theory and tells everyone and Hiroyo that Akagi is correct. The lights at the cafe suddenly turn on and Hiroyo's curse disappears. Just as Delu Knight appears to confront his new rival, Takuma hands his MMZ-01 unit back to Akagi before speeding off on his motorcycle, leaving the Executive Director in frustration. At the Delusion Empire headquarters, a wounded Malshina pleads for Doctor Z to return to normal.

He does so, but the viewer's screen flickers and he reverts back to his evil self, shooting at her before she leaves his office. The Akibaranger return to the cafe, now pondering on how to deal with the fact that their lives are in a TV show. They guess the true mastermind behind the manipulation of their reality is Saburo Hatte, the pen name synonymous with every Sentai series. In an attempt to keep their universe existing, they create sub-plots of their own, such as Yumeria creating a relationship with Kozkoz and Mitsuki introducing her undefeated school rival; these plots, however, quickly become resolved once they are introduced. Akagi then attempts to deepen his relationship sub-plot with Sayaka, but she brings closure to it by revealing to be a Sentai fan herself. Meanwhile, Malshina then attempts to kill Delu Knight in his sleep, but he awakens and grabs her gun, announcing himself as the new leader of the Delusion Empire before gunning down Malshina and Doctor Z.

Delu Knight then takes Sayaka hostage and calls Akagi out to come rescue her, despite Akagi suspecting this as a plot trap set by Saburo Hatte. The Akibarangers succeed in rescuing Sayaka before they face Delu Knight and he tells the Akibarangers that Doctor Z and Malshina have both been sent to hell. Seeing this as an attempt by Saburo Hatte to end the series, the trio cover their ears while Delu Knight speaks. Demanding a final battle with Akiba Red, Delu Knight takes his sword and damages his own chest armor. After the Akibarangers refuse to fight him, he charges at them, only to be shot in the chest by Doctor Z and Malshina, who reveal that Malshina's gun only works on monsters. The duo then tell the Akibarangers that their battle is not over until Doctor Z converts the citizens of Akihabara with his own ideals. Then the viewer's screen flickers, and Doctor Z reverts to his Delusion Empire persona, ordering the launch of the giant robot Boomerang Titan.

As the Akibarangers and Malshina leave the warehouse before Boomerang Titan destroys it, Doctor Z resurrects Delu Knight to pilot the robot. Suddenly, Machine Itashar appears and transforms into Itashar Robo before growing into giant size and grabbing the Akibarangers to engage in battle with the robot. Knowing that a giant robot battle triggers the flag for the series' ending, Akiba Red destroys Itashar Robo by firing its missiles toward itself. He then offers to be stepped on by Boomerang Titan, but Akiba Yellow throws a soda can that sends one of the flying boomerangs back to the mecha, resulting in Boomerang Titan being destroyed by its own weapons. Akiba Red rushes to save Doctor Z before the mecha's severed head falls on him.

As Sayaka and the crowd run to the Akibarangers and surround them to thank them for saving their lives. The trio arrive at the cafe to see Doctor Z and Hiroyo confront each other. Doctor Z asks his daughter for forgiveness, but Hiroyo refuses, seeing this as the end of the series. The trio convince her to come to terms with this end before she runs and embraces her father. Akagi, Mitsuki, and Yumeria then leave the cafe to face Malshina and her Shatieeks before they join forces in an attempt to destroy a giant "The End" sign. The combatants suddenly see Saburo Hatte off-screen before a hand slaps the viewer's screen shut and Akiba Red yells, "It's not over yet!"