Height: 202 cm to 50.5 m
Weight: 88 kg to 20 tons
Appearance: Episode 11 to 12
Counterpart: Robtish

Ushirobushi is the most feared among the Ayakashi, armed with the Onikobe Sekkeito, that he uses in his deadly Onigatana Nidangiri attack. He is sent by Shitari to kill Shinken Red, Juzo interferes and he is forced to fight both. He falls back when he starts to dry up. Ushirobushi later resumes, only to be killed by the Tora Five Rings Bullet and destroyed by the newly formed Tenku Shinken-Oh.

Youkai Origin:
Otoroshi is a mysterious creature that is barely described as a pair of eyes and tusks that protrude from the swirling shadows of its mane.