Height: 193 cm to 48.3 m
Weight: 84 kg to 21 tons
Voice Actor:
Appearance: Episode 19
Counterpart: Antberry

Oinogare is an Ayakashi aiding Shitari in sacrificing schoolgirls, armed with the Aburatsuki Nameribanto and able to slip his opponents' attacks. His attack is the Sanzu Oily Hell , which allows him to disarm his opponents. However, the attack was used against him when Takeru uses his attack to ignite Oinogare's body in flames as Shinken Gold and Shiken Blue kill him with their Current Hundred Fillets attack. In the end, the revived Ayakasahi is frozen by Ika Shinken-Oh and destroyed with the Spear Ika Flash.

Youkai Origin:
Abura-sumashi, was a spirit who surprised people on the Kusazumigoe mountain pass and was thought to be the ghost of a human who stole oil.