Height: 202 cm to 50.5 m
Weight: 89 kg to 22.3 tons
Voice Actor:
Appearance: Episode 46

Oborojime is an Ayakashi armed with the Chikemuri Sakanokoto (Blood-Spray Wicked Sawblade). Sent by Shitari to increase enough human suffering to wake Doukoku from his slumber, Oborojime was given half of Shitari's life force which gave him an additional third life , a serpentine mist-like form. His first two lives taken by the Mougyu Bazooka and Tenku-Shinkenoh, it finally takes Samuraihaoh to destroy Oborojime in his third life.

Youkai Origin:
An Enenra is a yokai, or Japanese monster, that is composed of smoke. It resides in bonfires and, when it emerges, it takes the form of a human. It is said that an enenra can only be seen by the pure of heart.