Height: 205 cm to 51.2 m
Weight: 90 kg to 22.5 tons
Voice Actor:
Appearance: Episode 4
Counterpart: Doubletone

Namiayashi is a two-toned Ayakashi who is armed with the Aodake Dankatsuso. Laidback and disturbing in personality, Namiayashi is sent by Shitari to do what he loves best, making others cry. He accomplished his goal by fooling a boy named Ryota with a false promise of seeing his grandfather again. His attack is the Tora Tsunami, creating a tiger from the right half of his body and a Sanzu River wave from his left to take out two opponents. He is killed by Shinken Blue and Pink, and then destroyed by Shinken-Oh.

Youkai Origin:
Suiko or Kappa folklore, the water sprite.