Height: 196 cm to 49 m
Weight: 90 kg to 22.5 tons
Voice Actor:
Appearance: Episode 13

Nakinakite is armed with a mace called the Niekane Jigokukon. He is sent to deploy his Shiro-Oniko (who resemble man in white tights) to take over a child's place, placing the child in a state of sadness. Nakinakite can also create the deadly infantile Aka-Oniko (red off-shoots) that latch onto his opponents and slowly increase in weight over time if unhappy, eventually crushing his opponents. Nakinakite is killed by Shinken Yellow and Pink in a combine attack, and then destroyed by Shinken-Oh after he was weighed down by DaiTenku.

Youkai Origin:
Konaki-jiji resembles an old man, but it first appears in the form of a baby. He crushes whomever holds him.