Height: 206 cm to 51.5 m
Weight: 90 kg to 22.5 tons
Voice Actor:
Appearance: Episode 17
Counterpart: Vulpes

Isagitsune is an Ayakashi master of the black arts with knowledge of 100 spells, armed with the Teni Yosenken. Using his Fox Concealment Spell, he steals a hair from Takeru to conduct his Mirror Reflection Spell to spy on Takeru to look for the sealing character until his cover is blown. His other spells include Fox Whirling Spell, Foxfire Spell, Fox Throwing Stones, Fox Technique Reversal, Copycat Fox, and Yatagarasu Spell. He is killed by Shinken Gold, and then destroyed by Tenku Shinken-Oh with help from Ika Origami.

Youkai Origin:
His name comes from the term 'Kitsune.' Tengu are bird-like harbingers of war.