Height: 195 cm to 48.8 m
Weight: 85 kg to 21.3 tons
Voice Actor:
Appearance: Episode 18
Counterpart: Steeleto

Hyakuyappa is an dangerous Ayakashi master of 100 blades, armed with the Muradachi Senjinto and able to use the bladed projections on his body as tendrils. He goes to fight the Shinkengers to avenge Isagitsune, nearly killing the five before he falls back into the Sanzu River. By the time he resumes his campaign of vengence. He was killed by a Fiery Dance/Hundred Fillets combo, Hyakuyappa battled Shinken-Oh upon being revived before Ika Shinken-Oh freezes the Ayakashi before finishing him off with Spear Ika Flash.

Youkai Origin:
Amikiri, was a small snake-like creature with a bird head and lobster claws. Its name means 'net cutter.'