Height: 198 cm to 217 cm to 54.3 m
Weight: 111 kg to 122 kg to 30.5 tons
Voice Actor:
Appearance: Episode 23 TO 24
Counterpart: Arachnitor

Gozunagumo is a spider-like Ayakashi who was banned for insubordination because he disobeyed Doukoku. Gozunagumo recruits Shitari to aid him in disposing of Doukoku by finding out what the sealing character is. He overpowered the vassals, to give Shitari time to get the Sealing Character from Takeru. Unfortuantely the newly awakened Doukoku sucks Gozunagumo back to the Rokumon Junk and punishes him by infusing him by his left over over-flowing power, turning the Ayakashi into a mindless super-powered beast. He was defeated by Super Shinken Red and then destroyed by Daikai Shinken-Oh with the IkaTenku Buster.

Youkai Origin:
The ushi-oni or gyuki, is usually protrayed as a monster with a horned, bovine head.