Height: 191 cm to 47.8 m
Weight: 84 kg to 21 tons
Voice Actor: Nobuyuki Hiyama
Appearance: Episode 27
Counterpart: Switchbeast

Abekonbe is armed with the Sujigumonokasane Nagamaki (Muscle Cloud-fold Nagamaki) who came into being around the same time as Doukoku, though he serves under Akomaru. Representing his master, Abekonde emerges from bottom of the Sanzu River to offer his aid to Doukoku. Able to fire orbs from his mouth, Abekone possesses the power to switch people's souls with anything but he chooses to switch them with inanimate objects. After being forced into Shinken Green's body and then into a soccer ball and after being forced to mortally wound his body to undo his spell, Abekonbe is killed by Daikai Shinken-Oh.

Youkai Origin:
Kasha is a cat-like monster that steals corpses during a funeral.