Violent Demon Hundred Tribes
Having lost to a Human-Faerie coalition, these races of monsters had been sealed up for 20,000 years. But on today's tainted Earth, the power of Faerie magic has weakened, allowing the seal to be undone and the Tribes to go free. The Tribes intend to conquer the Earth and eliminate humanity with its Violent Demon Beasts.

Great Emperor Ragorn
Immobile at the start of the series, he 'dies' and returns as the golden-skinned, fully mobile Neoragorn, who enlarges himself to giant size in the finale.

Dr. Rehda
Bearded, aged genius mystic.

Samurai-like masked warrior in black armor.

Princess Jarmin
Magician able to change herself into a snake-faced form.

Fat creature able to turn into a golf cart-like vehicle for Jarmin.

Wu and Lar
The red-skinned captains of the Wulars.

Black-skinned creatures able to merge into ball-shaped Wular Dumplings

Yamimaru the Wandering Violent Demon
Plots the downfall of Ragorn wth Kirika. Changes into student Nagareboshi Hikaru. Originally shaggy-haired, he later gains flashy red and black armor.
Weapons: Shooting Star Gun, Darkknife, Darkaxe, Darkbow, Shooting Star Sword, Darksticks, Darkspear, Darkshuriken, Darkspider.
Rides the giant bat Dragras.
Half-human, half Violent Demon. Changes into student Tsukikage Sayoko. Armed with the five-pointed Ringknife. Can combine with Armor Violent Demon to become Armored Kirika.

-somehow responsible for enlarging Violent Demon Beasts