Volcano Mask Magman's Army
Diamond Mask
He was the General Magman's first minion to try to kill off the Gorangers. He has a blade on his forehead that is as sharp as a diamond and can cut through steel with it. His main weapon is a wedge spear.
Episode 43
Electricity Mask
Episode 44
Sword Shark Mask
Episode 45
Locomotive Mask
Episode 46
Bird Talon Mask
Episode 47
Camera Mask
Episode 48
Horn Bone Mask
Episode 49
Iron Trap Mask
Episode 50
Gunman Mask
Episode 51
Telephone Mask
A master assassin and master of voice mimicry able to retrieve any phone-based intel including faxes. Telephone Mask is sent after scientists who support the Gorangers with the aid of Zolders as his inside men. After killing off Wakayama, Denwa Kamen nearly poisons Shimizu when Mido Ranger intervenes. The Gorangers soon uncover his method and track the Masked Mutant down as he attempts to take out the chief officers of EAGLE. They manage to locate the Masked Mutant's base at the Eastern Recording Institute thanks to agent 0079. The Gorangers finish Telephone Mask off with the Goranger Hurricane.
Episode 52
Baseball Mask
Episode 53