Iron Mask Temujin's Army
Cannonball Mask
Episode 21
Gear Mask
Episode 22
Wire Mask
Episode 23
Razor Mask
Episode 24
Eight-Eyed Mask
Episode 25
Blue Muscle Mask
Episode 26
Iron Nail Mask
Episode 27
Iron Comb Mask
Episode 28
Door Mask
His head is a steel box with a door secured with a lock in front. He's able to put objects inside his hollow head.
Episode 29
Mine Mask
He specializes in sea mines for both land and water. His main weapon is a mine mace and can shoot bullets from within his mask's silos.
Episode 30
Iron Tube Mask
The first Black Crusade Monster to not be easily defeated by a normal Hurricane Ball.
Episode 31
Large Hatchet Mask
Episode 32
Iron Princess Mask
Attempted to frame the Gorangers by robbing jewelry stores and have a handful of Zolders portray as one off the Gorangers.
Episode 33
Blushing Mask
Episode 34
Steel Mask
Episode 35
Warship Mask
Episode 36
Cyborg Q
Resembling a normal woman named Aya-chan. Ki Ranger found her jumping off of cliff and nearly drown in the ocean. He saved her life, upon bringing her to shore. She was in fact a cyborg working for the Black Cross. Her only use of weapon was a dagger and is able to grow sharp metal fingernails. She ended up being destroyed by Warship Mask. She was the only Black Cross Minion to not have "mask" in her name.
Episode 36
Fork Mask
Episode 37
Pirate Mask
Resembles a stereotype pirate, bearing a large hook for a hand and a hat.
Episode 38
Rock Surface Mask
Episode 39
Iron Basket Mask
Episode 40
Iron Lion Mask
Wears a large iron mask in the shape of a lion's face. His main weapon is a spear. He was the last minion of Iron Mask Temujin's Army. Also a smoker who was briefly seen with a cigar while doing Temujin's bidding.
Episode 41