The Gorangers each had removable rockets named Birdies on the side of their belts for flying, and they can pull out a visor, which turns into their respective weapon.
The Goranger's finishing attack to defeat Mask Monsters is with the Goranger Storm soccer-ball kicking technique and then later Gorranger Hurricane football-kicking technique. The ball is passed to each member and then Aka Ranger finishes the kick. The balls in many cases transform into whatever the particular Mask Monster is least fond of.
Green, Red, and Blue Machines
Motorcycles driven by the Ao, Mido and Aka Rangers. The Momo and Ki Rangers ride in the sidecars of the Blue and Green Machines. The vehicles are armed with explosives and sent to the Navarone Fortress, which exploded along with the vehicles in Episode 54.
Red, Blue, and Green Stars
Replacements for the Red, Blue, and Green Machines. They debuted in Episode 55.
Varidreen (on the left)
Bird-like replacement for the Varibloon, debuts in episode 43.
Varibloom (on the right)
Some sources refers to as: Variblune
An early flying fortress, propelled by helicopter blades under the craft. Blew up with Iron Man Mask Temujin aboard in episode 42.

Six-wheeled tank with claw arms that rolls out of the 'beak' of the Varidreen. Debuted in Episode 43.

Some sources refers to as: Variccune It was a passenger carrying baloon with two pairs of claws. All the Goranger rode in it. It debuted in Episode 69.