EAGLE (Earth Guard League)
An international peacekeeping organization whose mission is to defend the world from the Black Cross Army. The Gorangers belong to the Japan Block (division) of EAGLE.
Commander Gonpachi Edogawa
The highest ranking person in EAGLE's Japan Block. The only person who can take direct command of the Goranger team. He was assisted and commanded a trio of secret agents such as 007, 008 and 009. When operating in the public, he poses as the cook and manager of Snack Gon.
Youko Katou / Agent 007
One of EAGLE's secret agents, she serves as Commander Edogawa's secretary. She poses a waitress at Snack Gon.
Tarou Katou
Katou Tarou his older sister is Youko Katou / Agent 007, he hangs out at Snack Gon, asking Daita Oiwa questions.
No Picture
Other agents include Hayashi Tomoko, Agent 008 and Nakamura Haruko, Agent 009.
Snack Gon
Snack Gon, a small restaurant that serves as the secret entrance to Goranger headquarters it is destroyed in episode 44. The shop later became the Fruit Parlor.
Eagle Squad
No information.