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List of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger episodes

{{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 1 |EnglishTitle = The Universe's Number One Super Star |RomajiTitle = Uchū-ichi no Sūpā Sutā |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = February 12, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-02-12}} |ShortSummary = To liberate the universe from the Space Shogunate Jark Matter's occupation, Champ, Hammie and Spada, three members of the Kyurangers search arround space for the six other individuals chosen by the power of the Kyutama to join their cause. Their quest leads them to meet Lucky, a space traveler and Garu, a wolf-man whose entire clan was decimated by Jark Matter who also transform into Kyurangers once they unlock the powers of their own Kyutama as well. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 2 |EnglishTitle = Let's Go! The BN Thieves |RomajiTitle = Ikuze! Kaitō Bī Enu-dan |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = February 19, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-02-19}} |ShortSummary = While looking for the four other Kyurangers, Lucky and his friends come across Balance and Naga Ray, a duo of thieves, just as Eridrone, one of the Karos from Jark Matter is hot on their trail. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 3 |EnglishTitle = The Man from the Desert Planet |RomajiTitle = Sabaku no Hoshi kara Kita Otoko |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = February 26, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-02-26}} |ShortSummary = After meeting their Commander Shou Ronpo, Lucky and the others find the 8th Kyuranger, Stinger. But Stinger refuses to join their side and attacks them instead. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 4 |EnglishTitle = The Dreaming Android |RomajiTitle = Yume Miru Andoroido |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = March 5, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-03-05}} |ShortSummary = Raptor 283, the pilot of the Kyurangers' ship, dreams of fighting by their side to save the galaxy. Little does she know that her dream is closer to becoming reality than she could ever guess. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 5 |EnglishTitle = The Nine Ultimate Saviors |RomajiTitle = Kyūnin no Kyūkyoku no Kyūseishu |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = March 12, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-03-12}} |ShortSummary = With eight members in their team, the Kyurangers confront Eridrone and Stinger. In the occasion, Stinger reveals his true side and joins the Kyurangers against Jark Matter. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 6 |EnglishTitle = Flap! Dancing Star! |RomajiTitle = Habatake! Danshingu Sutā! |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = March 19, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-03-19}} |ShortSummary = Now with the team complete, the Kyurangers decide to start their campaign to liberate the universe with Earth. Lucky obtains the Pegasus Kyutama that grants him a special armor. However, he fails to control it and the team takes part in a rather unusual training routine to help him master it as they encounter the powerful Ikargen and Mardakko. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 7 |EnglishTitle = Take Back the Birthday! |RomajiTitle = Tanjōbi o Torimodose! |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = March 26, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-03-26}} |ShortSummary = Part 1 of "''[[Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Ultra Super Hero Taisen]]'' Movie Roadshow Commemoration Special".
The Kyurangers face a new enemy that restricts birthday celebrations, and Lucky uses a unique Kyutama to call for some [[List of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid characters#Emu Hōjō|special help]]. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 8 |EnglishTitle = The Secret of Commander Shou Ronpo |RomajiTitle = Shireikan Shō Ronpō no Himitsu |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = April 2, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-04-02}} |ShortSummary = Shou sends the Kyurangers to wipe out five enemy outposts at once. Meanwhile, Spada decides to help the population's suffering with his cooking. But when Ikargen and Mardakko appear, Shou himself intervenes just in time to everyone's surprise. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 9 |EnglishTitle = Burn, Dragon Ma-Star |RomajiTitle = Moeyo Doragon Masutā |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = April 9, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-04-09}} |ShortSummary = Spada is captured by Ikargen and Mardakko, and Shou, having finally perfected his transformation into a Kyuranger, joins the others to rescue him. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 10 |EnglishTitle = The Small Giant, Big Star! 小さな巨人、ビッグスター! |RomajiTitle = Chiisana Kyojin, Biggu Sutā! |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = April 16, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-04-16}} |ShortSummary = As the other Kyurangers face a crisis when the Orion goes haywire, Lucky takes Kotaro back to Earth, but when they are attacked by the enemy, Big Bear's spirit appears to them, and after witnessing Kotaro's true determination to protect the world, grants him the power to fight as the 11th Kyuranger. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 11 |EnglishTitle = Three Kyutamas to Save the Universe |RomajiTitle = Uchū o Sukū Mittsu no Kyūtama |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = April 23, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-04-23}} |ShortSummary = Shou informs the other Kyurangers of their next move, which is to assemble three special Kyutamas that together, unlock the power of the legendary spaceship "Argo", necessary to bring down Jark Matter. However, Lucky has an unusual string of bad luck and trying to prove himself despite that, he confronts Ikargen and the revived Mardakko alone. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 12 |EnglishTitle = The Eleven Ultimate All-Stars |RomajiTitle = Jūichinin no Kyūkyoku no Ōru Sutā |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = April 30, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-04-30}} |ShortSummary = After Ikargen steals the Tomo Kyutama from the Kyurangers, the team looks for a way to get past his mysterious ability to evade all their attacks. Shou comes with an idea to outsmart him, but Lucky is still shaken by his string of bad luck and stays behind, until he decides to bring up his courage and fight back. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 13 |EnglishTitle = Stinger, a Challenge to the Brother |RomajiTitle = Sutingā, Ani e no Chōsen |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = May 7, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-05-07}} |ShortSummary = After reclaiming the Tomo Kyutama, the Kyurangers must wait for the Rashinban Kyutama to recharge in order to look for the next piece of the Argo and take their time continuing with their campaign against Jark Matter's forces on Earth. However, their next enemy is Scorpio, the Karo of the Scorpius System and Stinger's older brother, who uses his poison to transform his victims into zombies. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 14 |EnglishTitle = Dancing! Space Dragon Palace Castle! |RomajiTitle = Odoru! Uchū Ryūgū-jō! |WrittenBy = Kento Shimoyama |OriginalAirDate = May 14, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-05-14}} |ShortSummary = With Stinger and Champ looking for Scorpio and Kotaro temporarily abscent for training, the other Kyurangers' next mission is to rescue the people imprisoned at the Space Dragon Palace Castle. Garu, who is upset because he has not been chosen for deployment lately, has his wish granted when the Kyulette selects him to join the Palace's infiltration team. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 15 |EnglishTitle = The Savior of Water Planet Vela |RomajiTitle = Umi no Wakusei Bera no Kyūseishu |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = May 21, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-05-21}} |ShortSummary = The Kyurangers track down the location of the Ho Kyutama, one of the components of Argo, on Planet Vela, whose people are suffering with the pollution caused by Jark Matter. Meanwhile, Stinger finally comes face to face with his brother. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 16 |EnglishTitle = Stinger, Reunion With the Brother |RomajiTitle = Sutingā, Ani to no Saikai |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = May 28, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-05-28}} |ShortSummary = Stinger and Champ are eager to settle their scores with Scorpio, but he approaches Stinger instead and tells him that he is working inside Jark Matter to kill Don Armage instead. Stinger agrees to listen to him, unaware of his true intentions. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 17 |EnglishTitle = Lighting the Dome of Darkness! |RomajiTitle = Yami no Dōmu o Terashitaiyō! |WrittenBy = [[Naruhisa Arakawa]] |OriginalAirDate = June 4, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-06-04}} |ShortSummary = Stinger accompanies Champ who was heavily damaged while protecting him from Scorpio for repairs. Meanwhile, the others have a hard time against a new enemy that can't be seen, until Lucky obtains a new, powerful Kyutama to fight back. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 18 |EnglishTitle = Emergency Dispatch! Space Heroes! |RomajiTitle = Kinkyū Shutsudō! Supēsu Hīrō! |WrittenBy = Naruhisa Arakawa |OriginalAirDate = June 11, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-06-11}} |ShortSummary = Mardakko steals the Rashinban Kyutama, that is necessary to find the final piece of Argo and the Kyurangers give chase, encountering [[Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie#Characters|Space Sheriff Gavan Type-G]] and the [[List of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger characters#Special Police Dekaranger|Dekarangers]] along the way. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 19 |EnglishTitle = The Elf of Forest Planet Keel |RomajiTitle = Mori no Wakusei Kīru no Seirei |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = June 25, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-06-25}} |ShortSummary = The Kyurangers set out to look for the Ryukotsu Kyutama on Planet Keel, but Scorpio steals it and they must fight him for its possession. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 20 |EnglishTitle = Stinger vs. Scorpio |RomajiTitle = Sutingā Tai Sukorupio |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = July 2, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-07-02}} |ShortSummary = Stinger returns to Earth to confront Scorpio alone but ends up controlled by his poison. Kotaro also returns and joins the other Kyurangers to help him. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 21 |EnglishTitle = Goodbye, Scorpio! Time for Argo's Revival! |RomajiTitle = Saraba Sukorupio! Arugo-sen, Fukkatsu no Toki! |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = July 9, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-07-09}} |ShortSummary = The Kyurangers have their decisive battle against Scorpio, and finally assemble the three Argo Kyutamas, gaining a new and powerful ally. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 22 |EnglishTitle = The Legendary Savior's True Character |RomajiTitle = Densetsu no Kyūseishu no Shōtai |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = July 23, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-07-23}} |ShortSummary = After being brought back to life, Tsurugi Ootori declares that the other Kyurangers had accomplished their duty and must leave the rest to him. However, Lucky and the others refuse to comply. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 23 |EnglishTitle = Become My Shield! |RomajiTitle = Oresama no Tate ni Nare! |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = July 30, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-07-30}} |ShortSummary = Tsurugi hijacks a Jark Matter station to declare to the whole universe that he will defeat Don Armage once more. However, when he ends up risking civilians' lives, Lucky loses his patience towards him. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 24 |EnglishTitle = I Will Become a Fighting Shield! |RomajiTitle = Ore wa Tatakau Tate ni Naru! |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = August 6, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-08-06}} |ShortSummary = With several Kyurangers captured by Jark Matter, Lucky and Tsurugi must settle their differences and work together to rescue them. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 25 |EnglishTitle = Planet Toki! The Boy's Determination |RomajiTitle = Wakusei Toki! Shōnen no Ketsui |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = August 13, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-08-13}} |ShortSummary = Now with the 12 member team working together, the Kyurangers set to Planet Toki to reclaim a new Kyutama that allows them to travel through time. Once arriving there, Kotaro has an unexpected encounter with his mother. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 26 |EnglishTitle = Warrior of Darkness, Hebitsukai Metal |RomajiTitle = Yami no Senshi, Hebitsukai Metaru |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = August 20, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-08-20}} |ShortSummary = The Kyurangers take a day off to have some barbecue, when Akyanba, one of the Fuku Shoguns, approaches Naga and transforms him into an evil servant of hers. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 27 |EnglishTitle = Indaver Panic Within the Orion!? |RomajiTitle = Orion-gō de Indabē Panikku!? |WrittenBy = Tete Inoue |OriginalAirDate = August 27, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-08-27}} |ShortSummary = While Lucky, Hammie, Garu, Balance and Kotaro stay in the present to rescue Naga from Akyanba's influence, the others travel to the past to discover Don Armage's secret, where they must deal with a group of trespassers aboard the Orion. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 28 |EnglishTitle = The BN Thieves, Breakup... |RomajiTitle = Kaitō Bī Enu-dan, Kaisan... |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = September 3, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-09-03}} |ShortSummary = Balance finds Naga, determined to risk himself to bring his friend back to senses. Meanwhile, Tsurugi and his group arrive at the past, seeking to learn what actually happened after his final battle against Don Armage. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 29 |EnglishTitle = Orion, the Strongest Warrior |RomajiTitle = Orion-za, Saikyō no Senshi |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = September 10, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-09-10}} |ShortSummary = Lucky finds a wrecked Orion in the present and sets for the past to discover what happened to Tsurugi and the others. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 30 |EnglishTitle = All Right! The Miraculous Kyutama |RomajiTitle = Yossha! Kiseki no Kyūtama |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = September 17, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url= |accessdate=2017-09-17}} |ShortSummary = Lucky and co. at last discover the truth about Don Armage, and Lucky, armed with a new Kyutama that bestows him the power of Orion, have a decisive battle with him. }} {{Uchu Sentai Kyuranger |EpisodeNumber = 31 |EnglishTitle = The Great Naga Recovery Strategy! |RomajiTitle = Nāga Dakkan Dai Sakusen! |WrittenBy = Nobuhiro Mouri |OriginalAirDate = September 24, 2017 |RTitle = {{cite web|url=|title=TV Asahi's official preview for 「」|accessdate=2017-09-17}} |ShortSummary = Despite Don Armage was destroyed in the past, the present has not changed at all, and the Kyurangers confront Akyanba to release Naga from her control. }}